Installing SDK on embedded linux platform


I'm trying to install a SDK iso image onto an embedded linux platform. I was able to mount the image on the platform without problems. I also created a symbolic link called "bash" in the bin directory and had that point to busybox to satisfy the first line of code in the installer: "#!/bin/bash". However, when I run the installer, I get an error:

"installer: applet not found"

I get the same error when I type "bash" on the command line. Is there a way to fix this?

Here is the first few lines of code that causes the error:


DEBUG=${DEBUG:="0"} # Enables debugging options
LC_OPTION=${LC_OPTION:="prompt"} # Licensing related variable
INSTALL_PATH=${INSTALL_PATH:=$HOME} # Default installation path

declare -r SCRIPT_NAME="`basename $0`"
declare -r SCRIPT_CALLED="$0 $*"
declare -r START_DIR="$PWD"
declare -r SCRIPT_ROOT=`cd $( dirname $0 ); pwd`
declare SDK_NAME

function debug ()
declare -r local debug_color="\e[00;36m" # Cyan
if [ "$DEBUG" -ne "0" ]; then
printf "${debug_color}DEBUG:\e[00m %s \n" "$@"
if [ -f "$INSTALL_PATH/installation.log" ]; then
printf "DEBUG: %s \n" "$@">> $INSTALL_PATH/installation.log

Thank you