MIDI Ring Tones on 700p

Straight from the great folks at PalmOne.

1. Email the file to yourself
If you've composed a MIDI file on your desktop computer, send the file as an email attachment to yourself. Then check your email on Treo, and open the attachment. This works with the Mail application on Treo 600 GSM and may work with other attachment-handling email clients such as SnapperMail. Some Palm OS applications are not able to handle attachments; check your email documentation for more information.

2. Download from the web
If you want to download a MIDI file from the web, you can do it directly, using the built-in web browser on your Treo. The MIDI file will appear as a link. Tap on it to download.

Note: you cannot use a MIDI file greater than 64 KB as a ringtone. You'll receive an alert if you try to download a MIDI file larger than 64 KB. You can choose to download it, but you won't be able to play it.

3. Beaming
If a friend has a great ringtone on the same model of Treo smartphone, they can beam it to you. Launch the Preferences application, and choose Sound from the upper right corner. Choose the Tones box. At the bottom of the screen, choose Manage. Highlight a tone, and choose Send. In the Send With dialog, choose Beam.

Can I HotSync a MIDI file onto my device?
No. In order to be integrated properly into the MIDI Ring Tones database, the MIDI file must be received as an email attachment, beamed, or a downloaded from web page.

Can I save a MIDI file on an SD card and transfer it to my device?
No. Again, the MIDI file has to be properly integrated into the MIDI Ring Tones database. The only way this can happen is to download it from a web page, or receive it as an email attachment or beamed item.