Setting up Linux Bridging

Some simple notes to help you set up Ethernet bridging. I used this configuration for my Beagle board on a USB port on my laptop. These notes were taken from the bridging howto on found here:

$ sudo brctl addbr mybridge1

* To delete the bridge, use 'brctl delbr mybridge1

$ brctl show
bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces
mybridge1 8000.000000000000 no

* Now add interfaces to the bridge
(you will need at least two. If that's not obvious, well, then this won't make any sense anyway!)

$ sudo brctl addif mybridge1 usb0
$ sudo brctl addif mybridge1 wlan0

* Now enable it

$ sudo ifconfig mybridge1 up

Unfortunately, I've discovered the hard way that many wireless adapters (including my own) will not forward frames that contain a foreign MAC address. This is explained here: