Calling All Radio Amateurs

I recently revived a life-long hobby. I was first licensed as a Ham Radio operator in December of 1972, a few weeks after my 13th birthday. Then, as now, I loved to tinker with electronics and build stuff from scratch. I earned my Amateur Extra license at age 16, and still use that call today: K1AY. I was licensed as DA1WD during the three years that I lived near Munich, Germany as a United States Army technical specialist.

After a period of several years inactive from the hobby, I'm back with a passion. I can often be found on 40m or 20m CW pounding on a Vibroplex Presentation or an old fashioned US Navy straight key.

You can read a little more about me on, for those "in the know!"

If you are a ham in our little embedded industry, please introduce yourself. Either leave a comment here, or send me an e-mail via!


de K1AY (Chris)
Punta Gorda, Florida
Grid Square EL96xv


I have not been on the air recently, but I have been a Ham since the early 70's. My first call was WN4CMW.
Looking forward to the second edition, have already pre-ordered it.
What did you use to write the book? I am currently looking at DocBook5, just wondering what you used.