Excellent DRAM Article by Ulrich Drepper

If you are a subscriber to Linux Weekly News lwn.net you will find a great series of articles covering the details of DRAM subsystems. The series of papers, titled "What every programmer should know about memory" starts out with Part I, with more to come.

Start with part one (LWN subscription required) here

* Part 1 (What every programmer should know about memory)
* Part 2 (CPU caches)
* Part 3 (Virtual memory)
* Part 4 (NUMA systems)
* Part 5 (What programmers can do - cache optimization)
* Part 6 (What programmers can do - multi-threaded optimizations)
* Part 7 (Memory performance tools)
* Part 8 (Future technologies)
* Part 9 (Appendices and bibliography)