Embedded Linux Training

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I am considering developing a series of training "webinars" having general interest to embedded Linux developers. My current thinking is to start with short howto series, with examples of flash layout, MTD configuration, multi-media application usage, performance tuning, debugging, fast boot, and many other topics. These would be presentation-style, with audio and slide-ware, each maybe 45 minutes in length, covering single topics of interest.

I'd like to hear from other developers - would you find these useful, and if so, what topics would you like to see webinars on? I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

Please feel free to comment here with your ideas.



I am very new to Embedded Linux development. I recently joined this community and am very interested in learning more about it. Do you have any of the training webinars on the basics to get started ?

Please let me know.
Thank you,

If you'll permit the shameless plug, you might start with a copy of my book "Embedded Linux Primer." There are a couple other good books out there, too.

I have ordered a copy of your book "Embedded Linux Primer". What other books should I start looking at? I have to very quickly come up to speed on Embedded Linux development as our company is starting a couple of projects in that area. Any suggestion and guidance is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.