Embedded Linux Primer Second Edition

Well it's finally done. The second edition of Embedded Linux Primer was completed last month, and should be on store shelves by mid-November 2010. It's already listed on Amazon.com.

Thanks to all those who supported the 1st edition.


Very much enjoying this book. I read about 1/2 through the first edition, saw the second edition was out, and ordered it. Now, working my way through the rest of the book. Very well written, very current material. Good job!



Many thanks for the positive feedback. When you spend hundreds of hours on a personal project, it's nice to learn that others are getting something out of it. I appreciate comments and feedback of any type good or bad!

Would it be possible to identify the differences between the 1st edition and the 2nd edition?

I read the 1st edition which I found great, so I'm wondering if it's worth reading the second.

/carl h.

Wow, not much going on here in the forums. I couldn't figure out where to post a general question, so I'll try here.

I just started the 2nd Edition book (4th chapter and looks good so far). One thing I didn't see enough of, is how the GPL applies to appliances like cell phones, TiVos, cars, etc. They certainly don't supply a CD with all the source code for the product. Most don't even advertise that they have "Linux on board". So how do they pretend to comply with the GPL?

Yeah, sorry I haven't had time due to my professional obligations to put enough relevant content here so not much activity.

As for your observations on the GPL, mostly correct. Fact of the matter is, if you really push the issue, you can probably obtain the source code for the open source components of your particular appliance. Some companies are trying to be good open source citizens. Cisco's Linksys division comes to mind, and there are others. You can go straight to a web site and d/l the source code for their routers that run Linux. Then there's the opposite end of the spectrum, companies where you need a lawyer to get them to even recognize your rights.

Then mostly there's the middle-ground. Lots of companies use Linux, but either don't understand their obligations under the GPL and other public licenses, or just don't make a huge effort to make it easy to get source code.

Goggle the issues surrounding busybox and the legal challenges around that. Interesting reading.

Thanks for posting.


Do you have something like errata for the book ?

I must say that I like your book very much. Good job !

Sorry, just no time to generate anything like that. Thanks much for your comments. Feedback (especially anything that might be wrong/missing) very welcome.

Hi, I'm Ismail MAJDOUB, I'm a young embedded software engineer.
I'm actually reading your book "Embedded Linux Primer Second Edition" and I want you know that you really did well, well done !
Thank you so much for the book, I can't stop reading it, I hope I'll finish it soon.

Embedded software engineer.
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