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The official bio:
Christopher Hallinan is currently field applications engineer for Monta Vista Software, living and working in sunny southwest Florida. Chris has spent more than 25 years in the networking and communications marketplace mostly in various product development roles, where he developed a strong background in the space where hardware meets software. Prior to joining Monta Vista, Chris spent four years as an independent Linux consultant providing custom Linux board ports, device drivers, and bootloaders. Chris's introduction to the open source community was through contributions to the popular U-Boot bootloader. When not messing about with Linux, he is often found singing and playing a Taylor or Martin.


Hi Hallinan,

Any plan for new edition of your book ?



I am just completing the second edition of the book. It should be on the shelves this winter or spring of 2011 at the latest. Thanks for asking.

Embedded Linux Primer 2nd is already on, and should be on store shelves around mid-November.