Interesting Lightweight Display Manager

I've been meaning to learn more about the technologies and packages available for general embedded gui development. This is just a note to myself to remember to check out LXDM:

Profiling I/O

Great article/summary of tools and methods for discovering i/o bottlenecks. Now I just need to find time to learn and experiment with some of them.

Yacht Remote Access Wireless Monitor and Control Development

I will post some regular entries here charting my progress on this project. I am doing so to contribute to the community but to also gain feedback and ideas from you all. I will start off with a brief intro on myself and the project. I am also using Chris' book as a primer - I just received it. :) Likewise I am looking at the Quantum Framework by Miro Samek. What do you think of that?

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been coding and managing coders since 1985. These days I am a mobile device developer and now have branched in to embedded development. I developed Mapion Local Search (for GeoVector and Mapion) using Brew/Embedded C++ for example. This product is now operational in Tokyo.

Personal Information

My bio mug shot.

The official bio:
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